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Producto 100 % artesanal. Creación del color y la forma.

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The product made by 1253 is made by hand, with high temperature ceramic material, stoneware, porcelain or refractory. These ceramic pastes are fired at a temperature ranging between 1250 and 1270 degrees.

The decoration of our pieces is made with enamels made in our workshop from an investigation of the effects of color on the ceramic surface, resulting in original and unique works. This uniqueness is defined by the randomness of the application of these enamels, this means that each piece of ceramic is granted a great personality at the time of its production.


Tomeu Amengual, trabajando en su olleria en Pòrtol.

CRAFTSMANSHIP = Design + originality

CHALLENGE = 100% handmade product

ESSENCE = Artisans of the clay of Pòrtol (Ollers)


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