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Fiol Artistic Glassware

We are a family business dedicated to glass crafts, specializing in leaded and techniques such as Tiffany, fusing, grisailles.

With more than fifty years of experience, we have managed to design and elaborate more than 10,000 unique artistic works, which has allowed us to distinguish ourselves and maintain our craft trade.


Facade of the workshop and shop
Founded in 1964
Stained glass window for private housing with seascape combining different shades and textures of blues.


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Realization of three leaded stained glass windows dedicated to the Virgin Mary and the three archangels: San Miguel, San Gabriel and San Rafael. Made according to original sketches by the artist Juan Maimó, who also participated in its manufacture.
Realization of 4 stained glass windows: in the upper part we find the original drawings made by the artist Gustavo Peñalver and in the lower part the leaded stained glass windows already finished.
8 leaded stained glass windows were made for 4 arch-shaped windows. This work starts from the design of the stained glass windows to their placement, where more than 500 pieces of glass were used.
Composition of three leaded stained glass windows with design from beveled glass figures.
RAMÓNVitral dedicated to Ramón Llull, designed by the artist Jaume Prohens. The stained glass window measures 520 x 135 cm. and is divided into 5 pieces. Made all in spectrum glass and grisailles.
Realization of two leaded stained glass windows. Each stained glass window contains 167 pieces of glass and up to three different artistic glass techniques have been used; leaded, tiffany and 67 glasses painted with grisailles. With dimensions of 130 x 80cm.
From photography provided by the private client. Leaded stained glass windows.
The stained glass window in one piece, with measures of 170 x 200 cm. Made of spectrum glass with various colorless textures and various colors. Its total weight exceeded 200 kilos.
Leaded stained glass. It was made for a particular client based on the original design and preferences of our client who, with our suggestions, chose the colors and glass samples. A perfect combination with the whites of the door and the wall.
Two stained glass windows dedicated to St. Peter and St. Paul for a particular chapel. Made with the traditional technique of grisailles.
Ideal for double sliding doors. They can be modified with the different colors and glass models that we have available.
Restoration of 13 windows. Each window measures 8.5 meters high by 1.4 m. wide and are divided into 14 pieces of approximately 60 x 140 cm. The restoration consisted of redoing 4 pieces again, replacing glass, cleaning, welding broken joints. Caulking and mounting safety glass.
Stained glass restoration. We restored and assembled safety glass to 32 stained glass windows of the cathedral of Mallorca.
Restoration of a spectacular skylight that was totally neglected. It was disassembled in its entirety, carefully cleaned and restored, replacing the broken glass. Thanks to this restoration it recovered its original splendor.
Restoration of the rose window of 360 cm. in diameter, divided into 9 panels. The central panel at the top was almost completely destroyed and we had to redo it in its entirety.
Making unique trophies for different competitions and challenges like the one we can see. This trophy was designed and the most appropriate glasses were selected. This trophy was made for the restaurant Rovers Tree House.
Made with the Tiffany technique, in three different colors.
Picture made from a photograph, making the design with a specialized program for glass work. Due to the size of the glasses, the tiffany technique was used. The size is 40 x 25cm, and consists of more than 70 pieces of glass.
Tiffany figures of Mallorcan farmers dancing.
Decorative glass painting made with the Tiffany technique. Made from a photograph of the pet of one of our clients. In the border spaces were left without glass for adequate ventilation. The size is 50cm in diameter and for its realization, about 50 pieces of spectrum glass were used.
In our workshop we have glass plates of all kinds of colors and textures made in the United States.
In our workshop we have glass plates of all kinds of colors and textures made in the United States.
Spectrum glasses - Translucent
Spectrum glasses - Wispy


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