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Embroidery and accessories

Mayte, sewing and embroidery

Jwellery and accessories from Mallorca fabrics.

Earrings, bracelets, rings, brooches, buttons, reminders, etc ...

Unique and exclusive products made in Mallorca.

Quality custom embroidery and textile printing.


Mallorca patch and heart necklace
Green "fabric of tongues"
Rings "fabric of tongues"

Quality personalized embroidery.

Jewellery and accesories from "fabric of tongues"

Buttons from "fabric of tongues", among many other products.


Pen and bracelets turquoise "tongue fabric"
Colored hairclip
Red "fabric of tongues" pens
Kraft notebooks and ribbon "fabric of tongues"
Blue earrings "fabric of tongues"
Purple "fabric of tongues"
Necklace "fabric of tongues"
Notebooks "fabric of tongues"
Bracelet "fabric of tongues"
Hairclips "fabric of tongues"
Bracelets "Tongue Fabric"
Covered blue buttons
cufflinks and box "fabric of tongues"
Red "fabric of tongues"
Cloth of tongues and flower


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