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Gin Eva - Distillery

Dry gin, artisan and Mediterranean by Eva Maier and Stefan Winterling.

Gin Eva is an artisan gin distilled in Mallorca, but above all it is a tribute to the Mediterranean spirit and its people. We created our gin to capture all the Mediterranean flavors we love; and it makes us happy to be able to share it with you.

The unique flavor of Gin Eva comes from Mallorcan juniper berries, botanicals and locally grown citrus fruits. All ingredients are distilled in a traditional copper still by Eva and Stefan, a Catalan winemaker and a German winemaker.


Image of Gin Eva "OLD TOM" Mallorca Gin
Image by Gin eva La Bergamot
Image of La Vermella Gin Eva Mallorca 45%vol.

LA VERMELLA Gin Eva Mallorca 45%vol. Main botanicals: Juniper, lemon, bitter orange, orange canoneta, tangerine. Bouquet: Creamy and tasty, good balance between juniper and sweet citrus. Palate: Light and elegant, orange lingers on the palate. Finish: Subtle and aromatic, orange persists on the palate.

Olive Dry Gin 45%vol. Main botanicals: Olive, juniper and coriander. Nose: Ripe olive and nutmeg. Palate: Very dry, silky texture, juniper and a touch of coriander. Finish: Long and persistent, juniper and olive.

BERGAMOT Bergamot Dry Gin 45%vol. Main botanicals: Bergamot and juniper. Nose: scented bergamot and earl grey tea. Palate: Intense citrus oils with a touch of juniper. Finish: Juniper very tasty and warm.


Image by Gin Eva LA MALLORQUINA Olive Dry Gin
Image of Gin Eva "LA CANONETA" Mallorca Dry Gin
Gin eva - Image from Artisan Spirits Licor de la terra
Gin Eva- Image by Single Tree Limoncello 0,5
Gine Eva - Image by Artisan Spirits Orange Liqueur 0,5
Gin Eva - Image by Artisan Spirits Red Citrus Bitter Liqueur 0,5 L 25%vol.
Gin eva -Image by Artisan Spirits Mandarin Liqueur 0,5 L
Image by Tasting Flight Box - Gin Eva
Image of Gin Eva "Miniature" Mallorca Dry Gin
Gin eva - Image by PORRONI PACK
Image by PORRONI PACK Gin Eva
Gin Eva- image by PORRONI PACK
Image of PORRONI PACK with graphics
Gin Eva - Manual clay tile 13x13 cm, made and painted by hand with the dust jacket technique. Each tile is unique.
Image of Shepherd's Ganivet - Mediterraneanist
Shepherd's Ganivet image with description - Mediterraneanist
Image of Distillation in Gin Eva
Image of Ganivet of shepherd with hand cutting - Mediterraneanist
Image by Lemon Tree Gin Eva
Image Informative whiteboard of Gin Eva


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